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Knowledge Park started in 1991 as a tuition centre. Our first Student Care Centre was started in 2003. We have more than 25 years of experience in providing quality educational services to thousands of students. With our pool of passionate and experienced educators, we help students to improve in their academic achievements and provide holistic care for them.

Our Services

Premium Student Care

Using our customized S2TREAM framework, students explore relevant topics and current affairs. In addition, our trained teachers provide individualized tuition services for your child.

School Based Student Care

We believe it is important to keep our students meaningfully engaged during their hours with us. We provide a holistic learning environment. with a mix of academic and recreational activities, it allows our students to find a balance between working hard and playing hard.


Knowledge Park recruits competent and experienced educators. We constantly keep our syllabus in line with the current educational trends and needs. Students benefit from our effective programmes, leading to positive word of mouth from satisfied parents.

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Thank you, you and your team deserve a pat on the shoulder too! It takes a village to raise a child and you are much appreciated. 👏🏻🥰🙇🏻‍♀️🥂

P5 Alexis' Mum

Thanks for helping her for the Chinese spelling and the reminder. Much appreciated. Nice environment at scc. I must say it is beyond my expectation. It is clean, cozy and no lack of activities to keep them occupied. Staffs are responsive and accommodating. I’m glad I had enrolled her to knowledge park. No regrets!

P1 Dolce's Mum

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