Welcome To
School-based Student Care Centre @ Keming Primary School

90 Bukit Batok East Avenue 6, Singapore 659762
Contact : 9656-8414 | Email : kemingscc@knowledgepark.com.sg

Information and Communication for Parents

Powered by a pool of passionate and experienced educators, our school-based student care centre provides a safe and conducive learning environment for every child to develop good character and acquire life skills for the future.

Our Services and Programmes
We offer a unique holistic development programme to meet the needs of the students in the Student Care Centre. Our programme includes:-
* Meal (Lunch and Tea-Break)
* Nap Time
* Homework Supervision (Study Time)
* Character Development
* Enrichment Programme
* Outdoor Activities
* Holidays Programmes

Our Fees Structure 

Fee Amount Remarks
Monthly Student Care Fee $240 Before SCFA subsidies if any
Registration Fee $20 One-Time, non refundable
T-Shirt ($10 / Piece) $30 Set of 3 uniforms, additional uniform at $10 each
Deposit $240 Refundable with one month after withdrawal
Full Day Student Care $5 $5 surcharge for full day student care during school holidays and non-school days.
Total Fee Payable $530 Payable upon Registration

For New Application
Admission Criteria for Student Care
We have only limited places for Primary 1 Classes in 2023,  priority of admission will be given to the following students.
o Students with siblings who are currently in the student care centre.
o Students who are Singaporean and qualified for Financial Assistance Scheme (Gross income < S$2,750 or <$690 per capita Income).
o Students who are Singaporean with both working parents and no access to alternative childcare arrangements.
o Students who are Singaporean with both working parents and has alternative childcare arrangements.
o The remaining vacancies will be opened to all students from Keming Primary School.

All applications will be reviewed and decided by the school committee. The process takes about 3 to 4 weeks.
We will announce the
outcome of your application via email.