P1 - P6 English

Creative Writing Skills

The students will learn techniques in:
✓ Generating ideas through the use of concept maps
✓ Writing Captivating introductions
✓ Writing Memorable Conclusions
✓ Using variety in sentence length
✓ Using variety in sentence beginnings
✓ Sensory descriptions
✓ Creating characters and setting
✓ Using Vivid Vocabulary
✓ Figurative Language eg. Use of Metaphor, Personification, Hyperbole and etc.

Language and Comprehension

Your child will learn to analytically sieve out information in the graphic stimulus sections, expand vocabulary and exercise his / her inferential skills and contextual techniques through intensive exercises.
✓ Grammar and Vocabulary
✓ Comprehension MCQ and OE
✓ Comprehension Cloze
✓ Synthesis and Transformation


✓ Reading and Articulation
✓ Stimulus Based Conversation
✓ Conversational Skills


✓ Upper Primary (Pr4 – Pr6) – Newspaper Article

✓ Lower Primary (Pr2 – Pr3) – Reading Comprehension

Two continual assessment and two semestral assessment papers will be given to help pupils revise and prepare for their examination.

P1-P4 Mathematics

P3-P6 Science

P5-6 Critical Concepts for Mathematics